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Story Triangle

I have known Manjula for a long while now and I am amazed by how she has constantly added value in her work. Her ability to understand needs and provide highly relevant and meaningful solutions makes her stand out from the rest. She also has put together a great team and Creative Bharat and her other venturesRealbuzzone LLP are all highly professional, deliver great quality and are the most lovable people to work with. I recommend her to all those out there looking to start up an enterprise.
Aparna Athreya
Founder CEO, Story Triangle, Kid and Parent Foundation, Member Board of Trustees at Canara Bank Financial Advisory Trust


Manjula is highly creative, full of ideas and comes with vast industry exposure. I recently started working with her on my website and in no time she took the end to end responsibility and extended her help in relationship building. She always gives her 100% and constantly adds value with her excellent suggestions and although I am just beginning to set a communication strategy at my start up, I am sure Manjula will set it right for us.
A highly professional individual with excellent marketing skills and strong network, Manjula and her team is to go with, as a PR partner.
I would specifically like to mention that she is a warm, friendly and pleasant individual and anybody will love to be associated with her.
Founder at Digimpact

Success Empire, LLC

Manjula Nair presented at our Rotary riverside chapter on 'Effective Marketing in Digital Age' It was a very informative & knowledgeable session on easy, doable and cost effective marketing tricks to increase visibility of your brand using Social media channels. The information shared on end to end building of a business website & keeping it optimized was very useful. Manjula Nair is a very good Speaker, addresses with real egs so its easy to relate and understand faster. I would highly recommend Manjula to be invited as a speaker at forums and use her Creative Bharat &Realbuzzone LLP Services to be more effective in your business branding.
CEO at Success Empire, LLC


Manjula and her PRBharat team (Public Relations wing of Realbuzzone LLP) have helped us to set up the right communication strategy. Their vast Industry exposure helps easy relationship building with a right set of influencers. You want an extended PR team for your business PRBharat is a go-to place. Quick and value for money. My 5-star recommendation to all those who are looking for a PR Partner. Cheers!
Founder, Startupwala.com

Head Over Heels

'I, Kavitha Krishnamurthy, owner of Head Over Heels Preschool and daycare centre sincerely thank team RealBuzZone and my good friend Manjula for all the creative marketing work they have done for us.We had chosen various options before we joined hands with RealBuzZone and needless to say their digital marketing options are simply awesome. Manjula’s vision of marketing and focus on the business improvement plans not only guided us to new avenues of digital marketing but also made sure we reached out to thousands of people to whom our service mattered. I wish you and your smart team a fantastic growth ahead.'

Kavitha Krishnamurthy,
Head Over Heels Pre School & Daycare

Racer Ranvir

‘We sincerely thank you for the wonderful website you have created for our son Ranvir Singh. His passion of karting and car racing completely comes forth through the pages. Your suggestions and response time has been impressive. Kudos to team RealBuzZone for creating www.racerranvir.com.’

Kavitha Krishnamurthy,
Mother of Ranvir Singh – Go kart Racer under 10 Years.

Step Up Kids Daycare & Pre School

RealBuzZone created our web presence and started our digital marketing on our Social Media channel and is now driving our social campaigns with efficiency. We are Very Happy with the new Innovative Ideas they bring to us on table. We also appreciate their Speedy response and implementation on our website www.stepupkids.in

Kanchan Dangre
Step Up Kids Daycare & Pre School

CSR Consulting Firm

RealBuzZone associated with CSR Consulting firm in building our very first website www.csrconsultingfirm.com and have done a real good job on it, the team is experienced in understanding our needs and putting it down in the digital landscape. We will continue our association with them to get marketing strategy for our Go to market plans.
Caroline Audoir de Valter
CSR Consulting Firm


RealBuzZone guided us through our website www.mindmapedu.in and assisted us in creating it, we are very happy with the end result of the website and also happy with the quick turn around time that team RealBuzZone gives to our brand. They are indeed a valuable partner for marketing strategy and execution. Kudos to team RealBuzZone.

Namrata Ghattargi
MindMap Early Education Management


Peoplemovers is a community network for people & organizations who are moving things forward in communities arounf the world. RealBuzZone though the venture company RealBuzZone assisting Peoplemovers to launch themselves in Pune (India) with effective plan of PR, Event Branding & Digital Marketing. Its was an interactive event with the presence of industry, CSR & Govt Officials. RealBuzZone assisted with conceptualization & Execution of this event.


Fundoospace is a mobile application created for enthusiasts to send and receive files from mobile to mobile, share pictures, audio/video and any content one intends sharing. RealBuzZone though the venture companY RealBuzZone assisted with the initial crowding of the App by merchandisers. Field Sales team was deployed to collect and sort merchandise data and train them to use the app.

Vibrant Enterprises

‘RealBuzZone assists us with all our Online & Offline marketing to help us grow our business. We are extemely happy with the operations of RealBuzZone and this young and energetic team that brings a lot of Ideas on table that can impact our brand positively. Keep up the good work team.’

Arvind Joseph
Vibrant Enterprises

Graham Bell Award

‘RealBuzZone is an experienced and a trusted partner to get things done Aegis engaged with them to handle Digital Marketing & PR for the Graham Bell Awards 2015 and they gave us an outstanding response, we are happy and will engage with them in the 2016 awards too.’

Bhupesh Daheria
CEO – Aegis Graham Bell Award

Hope for Children Foundation.

'Creative Bharat assisted us with our Marketing collateral, a branding brochure for all our initiatives, its very well received by our patrons, partners and associates. We look up to team Creative Bharat for all our marketing needs and also sometimes brainstorm on how we can get new initiatives on ground.'

Caroline ,Trustee.


Building the branding blocks of your business

Small and medium-sized business face threats from larger players. Digital platforms have provided a level playing field for SMEs to overcome some of the traditional barriers. Many companies are leveraging the new world tools to succeed and reach a wider audience. But having access to the digital variety alone is not a guarantor of success. The fundamentals of the business must remain strong. In the following section, we discuss few building blocks for branding your business.

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A Penny for your thoughts

Someone rightly called it the surgical strike on the parallel economy, but I call it the mother of all wars on terror! While this change was brought about to combat counterfeiting and terror activities we need to take a step backward and look at the larger picture. Yes, while it will effectively curb the flow and creation of black money what we also should understand is the fact that it will increase circulation of money in the market.

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A career molded by dominating challenges and shaped by fascinating opportunities

I studied Pharmacy in college, but my interest in marketing and desire for business management shaped my career decisions and life destinations. From working part-time on a Hollywood movie project as production manager to following my passion for music and joining DNA networks, I was lucky to work on projects like concerts with Brian Adams, Michael learns to Rock...

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Strategic value of internal communication initiatives

Stakeholder alignment is a critical factor for business success and employees are the largest stakeholders in any company. Employeeformation and alignment impact the speed and direction of the organization’s business. If all the horses are seeing and knowing what their charioteer is seeing and thinking, there is more cohesion and velocity in the ride. But when the horses are running after their own thinking, the steering becomes much more challenging and the directions become chaotic...

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