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A user-friendly, responsive, and engaging website is an invaluable asset to any business, but more so for startups. Your company website is one of the first points of contact with your potential customers, and they will probably use it to research your business in comparison to the competition before they decide to buy or even engage any further with you.

Your website design and content must reflect your Brand and Business accurately and they need continual upkeep and maintenance to ensure they are contemporary and search engine friendly (find out more about our search marketing capabilities here), in order to be effective.

We have a team of experiences Web developers, designers and content writers who will help build an effective website for your business.

Creating a new website and designing an energetic web presence requires the extra caliber of support in requirement gathering(Consultation), Implementation or coding, Testing, Deployment and Maintenance.

RealBuzZone’s Web studio assist you achieve these goals within your allocated budget and time. We have the proven results from our past that encourages us to go one step ahead of the web design technology and give you our best shot. Our methodology involves-

• Website Need Portfolio (WNP)

We understand the needs of the business and the buyers first and then design a website which will enhance the user experience and will be also be more search engine friendly. The new website will help you increase your conversion rates and ultimately increase revenue.

• Website Design Portfolio (WDP)

At Web studio we carefully transform your ideas into the best website that you will be proud of. We ensure that your website will help you accomplish the business goals while being your most effective Brand Ambassador. Our team will set up a discussion with you for defining your targeted segment, look and feel of the site, your Brand Identity, the basic website layout and navigation. We will synthesize our creative efforts and your thoughts into a successful website.

• Design

We can create attractive, responsive, user friendly, and scalable website designs on popular as well as custom- built templates that represent your business and brand in an appropriate fashion and elicits the desired responses from the audience.

• QA Testing

We ensure the website is tested for basic functionality and user friendliness as well as for performance across devices and browser variants.

• Website Support Portfolio (WSP)

Once we are ready with your website we will test it on the digital parameters and rules. A great website is a place to showcase your story, and we provide support wherever you are located in the world in order to ensure the website delivers peak performance. We will also guide you in updating and improving the website from time to time.

• Development

We choose an appropriate technology stack to ensure the perfect balance of design, user friendliness, and performance. Following standard project management principles we ensure there is adequate documentation and testing at every stage of development.

Post development we ensure the website is always up-to-date in terms of technology, content and user friendliness as it scales.

• Keyword Research &Content Development

we research the industry, buying trends, and competition to create a list of key words and phrases that are used in creating effective search engine optimized content. The websites and content that we create come fully optimized for search engines.

• Website Promotion

Once the website is live we ensure that the off-page optimization efforts are in place in order to improve search visibility. Also, we can set up effective SEM campaigns to drive relevant traffic to your new website.

We work with the following technologies, tools and frameworks
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Symfony
  • Laravel
  • Angular JS