Video Studio

Video Marketing needs a special mention because it is re-shaping the world of digital marketing at warp speed, and the numbers make a compelling case. Here are some staggering statistics about how marketers felt their video had helped them achieve key business goals.

An almost unanimous 97% said that video had helped them increase user understanding of their product or service.
81% linked it to a direct increase in sales.
Over half (53%) said video had helped them decreased support call volume.

83% felt that, overall, video gave them a good ROI — which, again, compares favorably to 76% a year ago.

About 99% of businesses currently using video reported that they plan to continue into 2017, and 34% of those currently not invested in video plan to start during the coming year.

It is quite clear that video as a marketing tool will only continue to become more widespread; If you do not have a video content marketing plan, it’s time to start – today!

Services we offer
  • Videos Content creation & publishing: Vlogs, Interviews, Webinars, Tutorials, Reviews, Product demos, Explainers, Testimonials and more
  • Multimedia, animations, and Flash Presentations
  • Video content promotion across social media
  • YouTube/Vimeo channel management
  • YouTube advertising