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Sales & Pre-Sales Trainings involves the development of skills and techniques on a personal level. The training programmes also help exploit new opportunities as they originate. Sales training also revolves around the aspects of closing sales for an organization.

Pre-sales, on the other hand, are the activities performed before acquiring any customer. These activities help businesses to prepare themselves with the know-how of acquiring new contracts. Companies, usually, have a pre-sales team in place to provide sales support for the business.

The Importance of Sales and Pre-Sales Training

Sales and pre-sales teams are a highly important aspect of any business. Due to this, companies require sales and pre-sales training to better individuals involved in the respective fields.

Sales training programmes help individuals with:

  1. Improving communication skills of individuals.
  2. Educating individuals on the modus operandi of sales.
  3. Facing, handling and overcoming rejections in the sales prospects.
  4. Educating individuals to be fluent in administrative skills.


The importance of pre-sales trainings in organizations are:

  1. Researching the project details before meeting with the customer
  2. Performing a complete assessment of the product before launching it
  3. Creating strategies calls for meetings
  4. Researching the competition to know about their developments.

 Sales & Pre-Sales Trainings Sales & Pre-Sales Management Sales & Pre-Sales Methodologies (3)

The Constituents of The Training

Being fluent in the art of sales and pre-sales guarantees every organization to achieve their objectives. However, with their ever-busy schedule, companies are not able to provide the teams with the training to improve the skills of individuals.

Our training programmes were developed to help companies with this scenario that. At Real Buzzone, we offer refined sales and pre-sales training to help individuals to get better at their art.


The constituents our sales training programs are:

  1. Training the Methodology of Sales– This section includes the necessary communication skills and techniques required by sales professionals.
  2. Management of Sales – The management of sales training is taught to people in charge of managing sales teams.
  3. Training for Products Sales – This field of study involves the knowledge of products or services being sold by the organization. Our program involves teaching individuals on the know-how of communicating the benefits of a particular product to a customer.


The constituents of the pre-sales training programs are:

  1. Exploiting Opportunities – It is hard to exploit opportunities these days. Because of the abundance of opportunities, people need to know the right opportunities to exploit. Our training helps people to be equipped of this knowledge.
  2. Managing the Opportunities – The training program helps people to manage the opportunities at their hand and understand how to solve the problem.
  3. The Presentation – Finally, the training helps to educate individuals on how to present the proposal to the customer.

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