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Mo Riddiford

In London in 2002 Greenpeace invited me to travel to Germany for three days work. I had no idea that my time in Germany would last over a dozen years. The invitation from Greenpeace started my journey

Bala Nadar

Bala is a legal evangelist, speaker and entrepreneurship coach. His love for startups, law and technology has resulted in Startupwala.com India’s #1 Online Legal Services Platform for Startups & SMEs.

Eli Itin
Eli Itin

Eli Itin is Founder and Senior Innovation Consultant at Northern Star Innovation, a boutique consultancy specializing in the creation and management of organizational innovation.

Subhash Nair
Subhash Nair

The fast pace of changes in governance and regulations has an impact on legal and compliance requirements. To be aware of such implications and understand any complications is a huge task.