Marketing & Communication Strategy & Planning Services

RealBuzZone understands the basic need of the business and starts with a thorough analysis of the client’s marketing objectives, their online presence, and a comprehensive research of the competitive environment. Based on this knowledge, the Search studio professionals create the best strategy to deliver the desired results. In today’s competitive era we save your costs and help you grow through search engine marketing (SEM) and Search engine optimization (SEO) methodology using a systematic procedure that gives tangible results- fast.

Now Search engine optimization can be explained by breaking it down into four major aspects.


Search Engine Optimization

More than a decade has passed since the World Wide Web has risen to prominence in nearly all aspect of our lives; Search has become integrated into the fabric of our society as the trusted way to access information on everything- “Google it” has replaced “look it up”.  If you’ve put your business online and begun the journey to build your online presence with online conversions as your objective, RBZ will assist you accomplishing this goal.

The part scientific, part artistic approach of SEO needs dynamic creativity and intuition. The search engine algorithms are too complex to muddle through using guesswork, and they change every day. To meet these changes and to secure the highest possible position in SERP you need advance search marketing efforts.

#Understanding Search Engine

Our objective is to provide better search engine experience by creating Webpages easily accessible to search engines like Google and Bing. Redefining the customer’s journey from start to end on your website, we also ensure to gain the trust of search engine to show you website in first page result. We do always follow the ethical and long term beneficial ways to improve your website’s search engine experience.

#The Kaizen Approach

Kaizen is a lean method that encourages continuous improvement in quality, technology, processes, productivity, and results. In the fast moving digital world, RealBuzZone SEO professionals are trained to play the role of Kaizen Masters to ensure you don’t miss the new trending search opportunities.

#Understanding The Context

One thing you can be sure about in the digital world of search is change, and to run a successful online business, the SEO expert needs to see the landscape of possibilities and find the best possible path to success. We make sure to build content that users will find easy to find, valuable, and worthy of sharing. We improve user experience in such a way that you will earn back links and references for the product or service you offer. We assist you in earning editorial links from good sources by building link worthy content assets like White board videos, Info graphics, whitepapers, and Press releases.

#Understanding The Audience

SEO is both art and science. The scientific approach not only reveals the way for finding the keywords (Keyword Research) that online users employ, but also making your site speak their language. Our objective is to provide the best user experience throughout the visit and acquire the returning visitor by aligning the company goals with customer’s expectation and thus increasing the conversion rate. The art lies in selecting a combination of tactics will work best for your business.

Search Engine Marketing


Search engine marketing (SEM) is a paid form of Internet marketing that involves the advertising and promotion of websites by creating unique and quality ads that are contextually placed on search engine results pages (SERPs) and within relevant content across thousands of websites. With billions of searches perform every day; approximately 5000 searches are performed every single second, well planned marketing efforts will ensure you can tap into the business opportunities hidden in these searches. We are Google certified partners and we ensure the best process knowledge will be used in running your Google Ad Words Campaigns like PPC (Pay Per Click), CPM (Cost per thousand Impression), CPI (cost per install) and CPA (cost per acquisition).

We have expertise in running the paid advertising on the following leading platforms.

  • Bing Ads
  • Yahoo Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Google Paid Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Re-marketing Ads

Our objective is not only to run advertising campaigns on leading platforms but also to increase conversions by tying them into inbound marketing efforts. We ensure high quality ads with appealing content.

Our approach includes the following methodology to deliver high website performance.

#Lead Generation

We create interest in online users for the product or service you offer and drive them towards the conversion (lead generation via filling form or a sale).  The most important thing in lead generation is the multi channel focus and we provide you with the best and cost effective paid advertising method which will be measurable.

#Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing can be defined as efforts taken to develop and nurture the relationship with the online user at every stage of customer’s journey. We give importance to the marketing and communication method which must be aligned to the needs of the customer.

#Conversion Optimisation

We’ve adopted processes and methodology to ensure conversions are at high priority. Our highly professional team ensures the smooth flow of our client’s business and that we’re all aligned to achieving the set business goals. We assure PPC best practices and efficiency that will improve the percentage of visitor that convert into leads.