Leadership Profiling 

Leadership Profiling | Integrity and Values | Leadership Assessments | Why Should You Do It?

This service enables you to maintain and sustain your leadership position. We provide the strategy and plan that can enable you to be visible, yet not consume much of your work time.


Who will benefit

1. CXO level Employees, CXO is a short form of collectively refer to corporate executives as known as the C-level , whose job titles typically start with “Chief” and end with “Officer.: this level is very visible for an organization as they are only 1 position in different functions like Head of the company will be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Head of Marketing will be Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Head of technology will hold the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Head of Information is Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Head of Security is Chief Security Officer and some organizations also have designations like Chief Happiness Officer these are usually referred to HR function.

2. Founders & Co-Founders: Some businesses are lead by their leaders, mostly the SMEs and startups.

3. Vice presidents & Directors/ Managers in large and mid-size companies who want t be elevated to higher positions.

4. Corporate trainers – they are usually known as individuals with skills.

What we Offer

  1. Linkedin Profile management – Driving intelligent content and bringing more visibility on the platform, updates and article management
  2. Blog sites – Development & Management, driving consistent content in the forms of Blogs/ Vlogs, publishing them on all the blog posting sites
  3. Book writing strategy &end to end management.


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Strong leadership

Strong leadership in a business is one of the leading aspects of its success. For it is due to strong leadership that employees are able to maintain strong morale and motivation while driving the business towards its success. Individuals who develop leadership qualities naturally get a headstart in helping the business to develop and nurture. This sets them apart from the others.


Leadership Profiling

Successful companies know the importance of a good leadership body. Due to this, they choose eligible individuals to lead various functions of the business. However, leadership profiling is an extremely time-consuming job and most companies do not have the luxury of performing it evenly to choose the brightest minds. To help such companies, we at Real Buzzone profile individuals to help provide you with eligible individuals and develop a body of leaders.


A Structured Profiling Process

Profiling individuals isn’t a task to be taken lightly. Choosing individuals based on guesswork can have huge ramifications on the business in the short as well as long run. In order to make sure that you don’t face such a calamity, we choose individuals based not on one or two, but according to 20 different traits.

These traits are spread out in numerous areas. A few of these areas are:

  1. Self-Management
  2. Task Focus
  3. Relationship Management
  4. Vision
  5. Integrity

How Leadership Profiling Can Help You

As aforementioned, good leadership can help drive your business and develop morale among your employees. And a good leadership profiling helps you achieve that, by:

  1. Increasing your organization’s self-awareness and understand how others envision you.
  2. Helping you to set down your vision on paper.
  3. Strengthing the leadership program already presents in your organization. If your leadership program if weak, profiling can help to develop your program and spearhead the numerous processes of your business.
  4. With the help of profiling, you can enable your entire team to develop core strategies to smoothly lead your business to achieve its goals.


The Goals

Companies do not perform leadership profiling processes simply on the basis of their whims and fancies. They perform profiling on the basis of certain goals, extended by the development of high management teams.

The goals behind leadership profiling are:

  1. Development – Development is the core cause of leadership profiling. Accomplishing the profiling process helps organizations to develop maturity on a professional as well as a personal basis. This strengthens the professional image of the people leading the teams.
  2. 2. A Broad Scope –Profiling allows the scope of management to be broadened by perfecting the rules and techniques of team management.
  3. Awareness in Management – Leadership profiling further allows the guidance of the numerous talents present in the organization.

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