With a good marketing plan, you’ll have an action plan that you can implement knowing that it is aligned with your business goals. You’ll have done the work of identifying your target market, refining your message, and deciding what are the appropriate social networks for your business. You’ll have set clear goals and identified the objectives, strategies, and tactics to reach those goals. You’ll also have chosen the appropriate metrics to help you track your progress. In short, rather than just engaging in marketing activity that lacks focus, you’ll be working strategically. Through the planning process, you will also have engaged in a valuable process of thinking through important questions related to your business. This will serve you well as you encounter the daily challenges of running a business. You could launch and run your business without a marketing plan, but why would you want to?

My endeavor is to help businesses understand the opportunity landscape and exploit the digital tools, especially, for marketing their products and services. It is encouraging to see small companies taking baby steps to leverage ecommerce channels, tie in their supply chains, implementing sales enablement tools or just simply making their websites accessible for the mobile world.

The best part of providing marketing solutions is to see companies succeed and grow their value proposition exponentially, making venture capitalists take interest in such businesses. As businesses expand their operations globally, they are looking for market research and legal counsel. The vast regulatory landscape needs to be tactfully navigated. Companies are seeking support to negotiate the complex requirements of legal compliance.

I am passionate about helping small businesses with a range of marketing and sales enablement strategies. It gives me immense happiness to support their ideas and help them execute their plans from strategy to implementation. Whether it is designing responsive websites, implementing marketing communications, designing email campaigns, providing legal guidance, or developing social media strategies, it is exciting to see them succeed all the way. I look forward to working with many more exciting ventures in the coming days.

About Manjula Nair

Manjula Nair is a marketing strategist with around twenty years of experience in global technology companies. She provides consulting services to startups and small businesses helping them expand their reach, exploit digital platforms and diversify their product portfolios to become more competitive in a globalized economy.