This is the age of the Internet. Gone are the days of phone-books and notepads and pocket diaries. Gone are the days of black and white and gone are the days of snail mail. Everything has changed in the last two decades or so with the advent of the Internet. One thing though hasn’t changed even since the last century and that is the necessity for publicity.Be it a product or be it a service it still needs to be advertised. It still needs to be popularized and this can be made possible only with strong PR activities in place.

In spite of it being an absolute game changer people still don’t understand the real value public relations add to the growth of a company. How many entrepreneurs actually understand the concept of PR? People spend a good amount of their capital into public relations, but is it actually PR they are investing in? Bill Gates once said, “If I had one dollar left, I’d spend it on PR.” That’s how powerful a proper PR is, you get it right then nothing can go wrong.

That being said companies should also sit up and take note that a proper PR campaign does not yield results overnight. If one has the funds, has a good PR team in place and a strong campaign to moot, he also needs a good amount of patience.

What’s PR and what role does it play in the establishment of a Start-Up

A PR campaign is like nurturing a plant. It takes its time to produce results but it helps a startup generate consistent growth while also creating a strong foundation. So what is Public Relations? It’s as simple as it is hard to explain. It’s a process which companies employ to propagate and publicize their story, a process to amplify the positives in their establishment by reaching out to a maximum number of people as possible. What PR really does is to create goodwill for the brand amongst end users. A strong goodwill is good for business growth and the health of an organization which eventually helps in creating a strong reputation, and that is the actual purpose of public relations.

A good PR campaign not only leads to growth but also creates good credibility, reputation, and trust. The aforesaid in turn establishes the brand. A good PR is not just to appease external customers but also a good means to impress and boost the morale of internal customers as well. Internal reputation is as important as external reputation. Another aspect of a good PR is corporate social responsibility. A level of community involvement is not only good publicity but also a means to earn brownie points which can be redeemed if and when things go wrong.

Bottom-line is a good PR leads to sales growth, increased employee morale, brand establishment, community social development and eventually turning the startup into a forerunner of sorts when it comes to corporate culture. This will eventually lead to the company attracting good talent, and subsequent retention of such talents.

But according to me the foremost importance of having a good PR team in place is when it comes to a crisis situation. Every company goes through periodic ups and downs and startups are no exception. At such times what you need is a strong PR team conversant with handling such situations and bringing about a solution without causing damage to the brand or affecting the consistency of business.

So what are you waiting for? No time is the right time, just start now. Get a PR team in place, put together a campaign and watch how your company goes places, today, tomorrow and into the ever conceivable future.