Communication plays a major role in our everyday lives. It can make or break businesses, relationships and just about anything that involves two or more human beings. So how do we know what is good communication and what is bad? Communication is the primary basis of any relationship and it ensures the smooth functioning of the same, be it personal or professional. The nature of communication inevitably exposes our state of mind. If we are happy and excited it almost always reflects in the way we communicate and so does it when we are sad or angry. The similar applies to businesses as well. The success of a product or a campaign or service depends to large extent on the quality of communication.

Proper communication helps build and sustain relationships. Without the requisite communication skills, it will be almost impossible to develop and build relationships. Proper communication can also be a great morale booster. Through open communication people can express innovative ideas and attain high and efficient levels of co-operation. But the greatest advantage rather strength of effective communication is team building. It creates high levels of transparency and in turn develops ground for unshakeable trust. Poor communication on the other hand can lead to resistance, stonewalling, arguments, defensive tactics, improper listening and basically shaking the very foundation of a relationship.

There’s communication involved in everything we do. Be it our body language, what we write, how we speak and how we present ourselves, basically in everything verbal and non-verbal. Communication is a double-edged sword that can make and break things based on how it is used. Today proper communication is the key to executing ones responsibilities to perfection. It can be used to motivate people around us, it can also help us in sourcing the right information. What does the above effectively mean?

Every act of communication influences an organization or an individual’s behavior in one way or the other. It is a thin line that divides success from failure and at the same time the bond that holds things together. When communication terminates, organizational activities cease to exist. An idea, however great it is, is useless until it is transmitted and understood by others and this can be achieved only through proper communication.

When communication is effective it motivates people around you to bring out the best in them at the same time if it isn’t proper it can also bring out the worst in them. So what happens when there’s a lack of a proper communications channel? First off, it creates a fundamental lack of understanding. When one lacks understanding it leads to frustration. When frustration sets in can anxiety be far behind? No, anxiety and frustration are brothers of the same mother, for one will not exist without the other’s support. When the three of them get together, it is the perfect recipe for a broken relationship and this subsequently leads to lack of productivity. It is a vicious cycle of failure when one is attacked by poor communication. It is an absolute morale killer and leads to repeated mistakes. This applies to every form of relationship around us. Be it at the office, be it within the team, with clients, customers, family or friends.

Bottomline is this; Communication plays an important dealing with people around us. Be it addressing one’s problems, or ones productivity, in short, with all human relation matters. Bad communication is often the root cause of almost all our problems. Secrecy on breeds contemptuous rumors. You decide which is good and which isn’t!