Why a good product development framework is important?

One of the most difficult task in startups has always been to take adominant product and repeat until it begins to find traction. Twitter, Pinterest, and hundreds of other successful startups had rough beginnings. The founders built success through trial and error. You’ve built something, but users aren’t signing up in multitudes. Whether you’re a chemist in the lab or an entrepreneur building a product, utilizing a repeatable framework with a fixed process guides you to knowing what step to take next when you don’t know the answer.

When you’re asking users for feedback, it’s common to receive false positives because they often don’t know what they want, and they’re not involved in the actual work it would take to make the change. Presenting multiple user stories yields more accurate responses. Users have a chance to prioritize what matters to them most.

You also have to decide whether to implement a feature is the root of this process. It’s much harder to decide against implementing an idea you’ve come up with because it often feels as if you’ve wasted your time and failed. There’s also a common misconception: unless you’re building, you aren’t making any progress. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

During the exploration phase, keeping a small sample size is crucial for allowing quick development. Supporting the smallest viable user base encourages the freedom to make drastic changes on a regular basis, remove features, support only a few browsers, and deal with minimal customer support issues.

Creative Bharat can help you with all this and much more. Our partnership expands beyond the world of startups, non-governmental initiatives, small and mini enterprises, social organizations education institutions and business enterprises. If you are looking to start a new business, introduce a new service, expand internationally, comply legally or simple improve digital efficiencies, talk to us. We have the tools, the processes and the experts to partner in your mission.


Creating brand awareness through PR buzz

Event management is a service orientated field of work where you will be dealing with people from all walks of society in large congregations. It means dealing with human behavior and peculiarities which will require tactful and diplomatic skills. Apart from dealing with people characteristics it also means the overall performance of handling an event from start to finish such as the event planning stage, budget management, creativity and workflow management. If yourPR events turns out to be a success then you would not only have the required exposure for your company but there would be a definite increase in the overall image of your company.

The event will help in building a positive brand image for your company would further assist you to get attention of more and more prospective customers and it would also help you build a positive image in the market that may help your company to sustain for a long period of time.

Also,this is a proven fact that if a brand is popular then people would not hesitate to try out a new product or service being offered to them without focusing on the risks associated with the same.As your business progresses, you should try to get more and more of events organized as this would help you to keep in touch with your clients/ prospective clients.

Creative Bharat meets your company’s branding goals by organizing thought leadership and other related events. We project the company’s image strategically to achieve desired mileage out of the event investment, in terms of leads and branding. We help coordinate the complex web of tasks and projects to ensure smooth execution and diligent planning of events.

If you are planning an event, talk to us. All you need is an experienced event marketing team, who has been there and done that.

Creative Bharat

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Building your brand value through Compliance

Compliance gets a bad reputation because it is immediately associated with laws, constraints, inspections, audits and penalties for those who don’t follow the rules.Most organizations understand the importance of regulatory compliance in preventing unethical conduct and violations of the law. It’s the necessary evil that is compulsory, but it also pulls up valuable time, effort and resources from folks who would much rather be working on projects that innovate, inspire, and motivate. The word compliance often conjures up thoughts of what organizations must do rather than what they want to do.

Regulatory compliance can allow your organization to become a lean, mean, high-performance machine. In other words, having an effective Compliance Program is not only the right thing to do, it also makes good business sense.Gaining a status as an organization that fails to meet its compliance obligations can endanger customer trust and loyalty. Reputational risk is so important that being transparent—even about your faults—will improve customer perception and can lead to increased stakeholder engagement.

Having a clear, effective compliance program makes it apparent to stakeholders that compliance is a top priority for your company. It shows your commitment to doing business the right way and to the highest ethical standards.

Many consumers seek out and want to do business with vendors and suppliers who share their values and compliance principles. For example, when a company can demonstrate a conflict-free supply chain, stakeholders are reassured that the company is compliant and will impart confidence among suppliers, customers and partners, which can help establish lasting and trusted business relationships.

Further, in addition to building a reputation as a good corporate citizen, having a well-documented and effective compliance program demonstrates your company’s expertise related to all relevant laws and regulations.

Professionals at Creative Bharat analyze the risks, identify and prioritize implementation practices and secure your businesses. If you think your business could be at risk, talk to our consultants. It could save you unwanted losses and help preserve your brand equity.


The dares and taking chances pushed me up on my career ladder

My journeys and experiences into the dynamic making and unmaking of businesses and technologies

I studied Pharmacy in college, but my interest in marketing and desire for business management shaped my career decisions and life destinations. From working part-time on a Hollywood movie project as production manager, to following my passion for music and joining DNA networks, I was lucky to work on projects like concerts with Brian Adams, Michael Learns to Rock, and Richard Claderman. The advertising world beckoned me with roles that were a combination of Marketing (Sales Enablement) and Corporate Communication, and honing skills of rare combinations. A stint in large IT companies gave me opportunities to anchor large industry events and host close to 150 CIOs from organizations worldwide, including the unforgettable and dynamic Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu and the second self-funded space tourist and the first-ever South African in space. A management position at Sapient Corporation got me working with global teams, international clients, and experience a likeable open door culture, where the CEO is accessible to anyone who wishes to reach out.

A notable turning point happened when I was at Satyam and part of the team handling the crisis the company was going through – a shock that nearly knocked the company off its feet. Our efforts at maintaining brand relevance and business value was instrumental in preventing the company from dying an untimely death and to get back on its feet. Our campaigns to keep the employees motivated and media engaged worked out successfully. This challenging experience tested our vision and confidence and increased our outreach with the media and overall business community.

The heavy learning from the past was a pointer for a newer future and it came in the form of Amdocs. I was hired to set up the regional corporate communication function and to drive their branding initiatives. Key responsibilities included nurturing the brand through the company’s baby steps into India to their firm footing in quick successive years. An eventful span of activities throughout APAC, engaging through customer workshops and industry forums, established the brand as a thought leader in its areas of business -an endeavor that won me awards and accolades and even a fascinating experience of flying in a private jet.

How I like to add value to startups and growing companies

The elements of business success are dynamic, but very visible in the set of values, visions and tools, everyone can aspire to imbibe. I am glad to nurture small and medium companies and to get them started and thrive in international business environments. Whether it is corporate governance, HR policies, market strategy, sales enablement, intellectual property rights, engaging the venture capital community, anything that starts from an idea to becoming a corporation, I hope to be a support in their journeys to success.


Why you need a marketing strategy for your business

With a good marketing plan, you’ll have an action plan that you can implement knowing that it is aligned with your business goals. You’ll have done the work of identifying your target market, refining your message, and deciding what are the appropriate social networks for your business. You’ll have set clear goals and identified the objectives, strategies, and tactics to reach those goals. You’ll also have chosen the appropriate metrics to help you track your progress. In short, rather than just engaging in marketing activity that lacks focus, you’ll be working strategically. Through the planning process, you will also have engaged in a valuable process of thinking through important questions related to your business. This will serve you well as you encounter the daily challenges of running a business. You could launch and run your business without a marketing plan, but why would you want to?

My endeavor is to help businesses understand the opportunity landscape and exploit the digital tools, especially, for marketing their products and services. It is encouraging to see small companies taking baby steps to leverage ecommerce channels, tie in their supply chains, implementing sales enablement tools or just simply making their websites accessible for the mobile world.

The best part of providing marketing solutions is to see companies succeed and grow their value proposition exponentially, making venture capitalists take interest in such businesses. As businesses expand their operations globally, they are looking for market research and legal counsel. The vast regulatory landscape needs to be tactfully navigated. Companies are seeking support to negotiate the complex requirements of legal compliance.

I am passionate about helping small businesses with a range of marketing and sales enablement strategies. It gives me immense happiness to support their ideas and help them execute their plans from strategy to implementation. Whether it is designing responsive websites, implementing marketing communications, designing email campaigns, providing legal guidance, or developing social media strategies, it is exciting to see them succeed all the way. I look forward to working with many more exciting ventures in the coming days.

About Manjula Nair

Manjula Nair is a marketing strategist with around twenty years of experience in global technology companies. She provides consulting services to startups and small businesses helping them expand their reach, exploit digital platforms and diversify their product portfolios to become more competitive in a globalized economy.


Why is it important to have an effective content

It’s no secret, in today’s widely uneven and competitive market, several brands around the world are looking for the most creative ways of passing on their message and telling their story. Whether it’s through sharing compelling images to social media or writing blogs to soften their brand, many businesses operating in various industries are seeking fresh ways for effectively engaging with their desired target audience – through content marketing.

Content marketing is the implementation of creating, sharing and distributing quality content that is informative, entertaining and valuable to prospective clients.Therefore, it’s the perfect deliverable for creatively displaying any message about your products or services. Be it text, imagery, gifs or video – the importance of content marketing cannot be stressed enough and should be a vital part of every brands modern digital strategy.

When purchasing a product or service, customers generally prefer buying from a credible brand rather than from one that they have never heard of before. Here are some of the benefits of content marketing:

  • Builds brand recognition and credibility.
  • Increases brand awareness and visibility.
  • Positions your brand as an industry leader and influencer.
  • Generates traffic to your website.
  • Assists the consumer during their purchase decision.
  • Provides added value without being intrusive.
  • Improves lead generation and conversion.


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Make your business thrive with the right marketing strategy

Once you have the idea of what your company would do, there is a need for an effective and strategic marketing plan that can help you achieve the success you want. It should give your business the recognition and the reach that is required for making it a successful firm. From the basic nitty-gritty to the advanced level of communication, it should cover every aspect. The fundamentals of the business must remain strong. In the following section, we discuss few elements of a successful marketing strategy and a thriving business presence.

  • Clarity of vision

The outcome of all your research must yield a clear path for success. Once you can see where you want to go, the journey becomes easy. The same must be communicated to your team so all are aligned to achieve the same objectives.

  • Competitor research

Even if this exercise takes time, complete it. Document your strengths and move ahead with confidence.

  • Logo

The logo must be memorable and the elements of the symbol must be clearly visible. The meaning or motive must come across clearly. The elements of your logo, the colors and the shapes, determine the rest of your visual communication strategy. Your website design and layout generally follows the style of the logo.

  • Visual communication

The uniqueness of your brand comes across if you use visuals effectively and memorably. Some brands have recall value purely based on their visual strategy and intelligent conversations.

  • Value Proposition

The messages that go out to the audience must be crystal clear. What you do, how you do and deliver must be clearly communicated in all your messages. It is best to keep it simple and easily understandable.

  • Marketing outreach

Email marketing nuances must be mastered before you begin mass mailing, in search of prospects or customers. Nurture your leads through communication and collaboration. There are many platforms that can help you create attractive emails and you can also track whether your customers have opened the messages, and what content they viewed, through the tools link tracking and analysis features.

  • Brochures

Make sure you have printed brochures as well as digital content to reach your prospects. The content must be consistent across all your communication components. Call to action must be clearly visible for readers to reach out to you without any hassles.

  • Websites

In a mobile driven world, it is best to have a responsive website. Such websites are easily accessible on a mobile device. The layout of the website is automatically modified to suit the device on which it is being browsed.

  • Search Engine Techniques

Your website must conform to the technical infrastructure requirements of the search engines. For example, search engines crawl the web to locate the content, based on the name of the web page, the headings and sub headings, the relevancy of the content, the file naming conventions, the interlinking features of the web page and many more factors. Based on such factors, the website is ranked.

  • Analytics

You can access several tools to analyze the web traffic of your website: who visited, what they viewed, what links were clicked etc. This data provides you an insight to modify or update your website intelligently.

  • Trade shows

Meet your prospects in tradeshows and industry events. It is worthy to have face time with your intended audience to understand their needs, desires and concerns. Such meetings result in immediate recognition of your brand and instant actions by the prospects.

  • Communication tools

Always have someone take the calls or respond to emails without delays. Several social mediums are available to capture your leads. Have a Contact page on your website, where readers can leave their messages and ask for information. The Smartphone era has opened instant messaging capabilities and are already being effectively used for business interactions.

  • Blogs

Maintain the professional journeys through blogs. These communication channels provide your readers to understand your progress in the business and be in touch with you. Your thought-leadership reflects in your communication and you don’t have to employ expensive resources to maintain blogs. Blogs also help you get found by search engines, improving your digital ranking.

  • Social strategy

Engaging with the external stakeholders must be calculated and purpose driven. Make sure to use the relevant medium for the appropriate purpose. A single wrong move can backfire and one correct move can fetch you the benefits.

Every tool at your disposal would be useless if it’s not used to deliver the best results it can get. So make sure you think about all the above pointers when you devise a marketing plan.


Reach your customers with Creative Bharat

Finding the right set of talent for your needs is a time taking and sometimes expensive process. With Creative Bharat’s help, you can cut short on both these things as we take care of your talent needs through our pool of specialized individuals. We also help you set up the right kind of processes and practices for your firm that are helpful in your company’s growth. We help you ascertain what technology and tools would be beneficial for your business and would give it the required jump.

Organizations that are a current launch

Every newly launched company wants to be innovative in their ideas and most of the time they know what should be the plan of action. But even with everything sorted out on paper, one still needs resources to hit the ground running. This is where Creative Bharat is what you can count on. We hold your hand and race with you, while managing your needs and making it easier for you to focus on the goal, rather than putting up your time and attention in taking care of the necessities.  Marketing Consulting, Communications & PR Consulting, SEO, Social Media Management, Content & Creative Studio, Blogger Studio, Leadership Profiling, Helping Start Ups and SME’s to sustain themselves in the market via branding and sales enablement are some of the services that we offer and make your work life easier.

Businesses that are growing

For every new business, there is a time when couple of years down the line, things seem rooted and you can breathe a little easy. However, that still does not mean that you have achieved what you planned for your company. Every day, there is a new challenge to deal with, new competition to face and new heights to scale. With Creative Bharat’s help you can institutionalize your procedures for the company, based on the data of what’s working and what’s not. You can also extend your business to new markets and get new customers, get people to notice your brand. Basically, CB can help you open new doors that you didn’t even knew existed.

Companies that are standing tall and firm

Being a stable player in the market gives you an edge over other firms and you need to maintain that advantage. There is a constant need to get better over your competition and give something new and improved to your customers. With Creative Bharat’s team of people focused on getting results for you, we make sure to get the job done and that is to help your company stay firmly ahead over others. We offer support on advertising, marketing, SEO, networking and whatever it takes to make your company the lead runner in the game.

Every business needs help and resources and it doesn’t matter how old or new the company is. A little aid can help the company go a long way in achieving its goal. Creative Bharat empowers organizations by providing end to end consulting solutions. Regardless of whether it is a start-up searching for financing or a smoothly running business penetrating for a development system, Creative Bharat has the assets, contacts, and experience to discover an answer for you.


Designing and scaling websites and mobile applications

Businesses have realized the need to use website and mobile apps to attract customers.   Today mobile application has its effects on society globally. This is because the mobile application has upgraded to keep updated everything. The benefit of the mobile version of a website is to provide an optimized view. Business persons need to use mobile applications so that they can achieve their business goal.

Scaling is keeping the behavior of an application same as load increases. Now users demand higher speeds, even a small issue of few seconds can frustrate customers and move on to other sites so that websites need to scale up resources to support traffic loads.

Marketing automation is to scale up your digital marketing performance. This improves team productivity and run campaigns across multiple channels. We build you the framework to design web pages in a jiffy, create landing pages on the go and develop mobile apps on the fly. Our process orientation and quality methods accelerate the delivery of content assets. Our teams of visual designers, content writers, code ninjas churn out creative applications and fully functional systems, while our data scientists, search engine professionals, and business analysts measure the performance of the sites and benchmark against planned metrics.

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Creative communications and content strategy solutions

Today the digital world is growing and the best strategy to meet your customers online and communicate. Marketing is all about connecting with people. It includes digital strategies that influence client. Business websites, microsites, landing pages, mobile apps are all communication tools in a growing digital world. Business websites are used for advertising and marketing. They are more friendly and convenient to the customer. If you have your own website then you can track everything and can access the progress of website. Microsites provide more focused and clearer presentation of your specific brand of product. They highlight a specific product or service. It is branding tool or strategy and can give your new product. Landing Page gives you the leads. It increases credibility and conversions so it leads more users. They help to improve relationships with customers. An app can generate profitable opportunities for business. It creates engagement by encouraging user. Content and communication must be dynamically produced to keep customers engaged throughout their life cycle. And it is not easy. You need the technical resources, creative and design expertise, and programming skills to pull off your marketing initiatives.
We, at RealBuzZone, have been through the grind and acquired an expertise very few can boast of. Our experience spans decades of international marketing across diverse industries solving their unique challenges. By creative communication, you can get people’s trust and build a reputation.