Designing and scaling websites and mobile applications

Businesses have realized the need to use website and mobile apps to attract customers.   Today mobile application has its effects on society globally. This is because the mobile application has upgraded to keep updated everything. The benefit of the mobile version of a website is to provide an optimized view. Business persons need to use mobile applications so that they can achieve their business goal.

Scaling is keeping the behavior of an application same as load increases. Now users demand higher speeds, even a small issue of few seconds can frustrate customers and move on to other sites so that websites need to scale up resources to support traffic loads.

Marketing automation is to scale up your digital marketing performance. This improves team productivity and run campaigns across multiple channels. We build you the framework to design web pages in a jiffy, create landing pages on the go and develop mobile apps on the fly. Our process orientation and quality methods accelerate the delivery of content assets. Our teams of visual designers, content writers, code ninjas churn out creative applications and fully functional systems, while our data scientists, search engine professionals, and business analysts measure the performance of the sites and benchmark against planned metrics.

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Creative communications and content strategy solutions

Today the digital world is growing and the best strategy to meet your customers online and communicate. Marketing is all about connecting with people. It includes digital strategies that influence client. Business websites, microsites, landing pages, mobile apps are all communication tools in a growing digital world. Business websites are used for advertising and marketing. They are more friendly and convenient to the customer. If you have your own website then you can track everything and can access the progress of website. Microsites provide more focused and clearer presentation of your specific brand of product. They highlight a specific product or service. It is branding tool or strategy and can give your new product. Landing Page gives you the leads. It increases credibility and conversions so it leads more users. They help to improve relationships with customers. An app can generate profitable opportunities for business. It creates engagement by encouraging user. Content and communication must be dynamically produced to keep customers engaged throughout their life cycle. And it is not easy. You need the technical resources, creative and design expertise, and programming skills to pull off your marketing initiatives.
We, at RealBuzZone, have been through the grind and acquired an expertise very few can boast of. Our experience spans decades of international marketing across diverse industries solving their unique challenges. By creative communication, you can get people’s trust and build a reputation.

Landing Page

Landing Page

Landing Page drives a visitor to land on a web page. It gives you the leads. They are your campaign carriers. Not only that, they tell you who has read your message and what links they clicked. You can also figure out whether they liked a particular layout or not and instantly tweak the look and feel to suit your various audiences. This page includes logical information and has the keywords directly on the page. It makes as easy as possible for the user to take clear action. It is your call to action. The best practices for landing pages is to track user behavior.

Landing Pages increase conversions and it leads more users and more money. They help to improve relationships with customers and can link to a specific campaign. Paid search campaign depends on click through that will only get people to your website rates, and click-through rates are influenced by landing pages. By using landing pages, it can generate more users. They benefit your business goal.

They also increase credibility. Since they are focused on one particular task. So users feel like you understand their problem and helping them to solve their problem.

They are used to generate a lead, so it means that business gets telephone calls or interested people. They can grow your email list. They are small and powerful, but behind the easiness, lies scientific thinking, business acumen and marketing insights. They are easy to read and quick to digest and help you collect valuable information about your customers and their liking. You need a lot of them to be successfully reaching out to your different customers.

At RealBuzZone, we thrive daily on creative and functional landing page design, development and measurement.

laptop Website


Today, more users use the internet to search the products or services they want. Sites are most commonly used to provide multiple sources of the same information and reliable access to large downloads. The website is a set of related web pages. But without properly defined structures and well-oiled navigation, they can collapse in no time. The website is a great place to show your work.  When a number of people use site same time it takes more processing time. The site cannot load easily. In a web-based application, if data is more in the database then it takes more processing time. Due to it is required more time while fetching results from a web-based application. Websites did not need to be big. They just needed to get the exactly the purpose they served. It makes easy for your users to purchase from you. People will be more likely to visit your website, rather than driving a car to your physical location and browsing for your products. Users can find what they’re looking for on your online site. A website can help you generate more users. Smart business owners create a blog page for their company. It’s best to send your users a message. This can build relationship with users. You can update the contents of your site. If your site is more informative then it can increase your sales. It gives you the opportunity to prove your credibility.  The website gives you a chance to gain more users that can help your business grow. Astute planning and aggressive execution are the keys to a well-maintained website. At RealBuzZone, we make it fast and quick to build appealing and feature-rich websites.


Mobile Apps

Mobile phones are common today. They are not only used as means of communication but since the advent of Smartphone’s, one can also perform a web search, video streaming, image sharing and status updates on the Social Media. The growth of social networks has led to easily fetching of customer tastes and preferences. Users today share everything, their preferences in food or in clothes with the help of social networks. This data can take out to serve the customers better and offer them the advertisements they would happy to see. As a result, personal content can be taken out from the social accounts. The app helps to increase the understanding of seller regarding the required product. The applications are user-friendly and efficient. The applications which take less processing time and no delay in fetching required results. The app enables you to go to market faster and with better analytics. Some applications provide advertisement according to social, behavioral and location data. Whatever be the mobile app you need, at RealBuzZone, we build you neat and simple and fully functional apps in the shortest possible time to enable you to go to market faster and with better analytics.  When a number of people use website same time it takes more processing time and it will not load easily. Mobile apps accomplish your business goals and they can be used to solve transactional problems or capitalize new opportunities.

Pr for startups

Importance of PR for Start Ups

This is the age of the Internet. Gone are the days of phone-books and notepads and pocket diaries. Gone are the days of black and white and gone are the days of snail mail. Everything has changed in the last two decades or so with the advent of the Internet. One thing though hasn’t changed even since the last century and that is the necessity for publicity.Be it a product or be it a service it still needs to be advertised. It still needs to be popularized and this can be made possible only with strong PR activities in place.
In spite of it being an absolute game changer people still don’t understand the real value public relations add to the growth of a company. How many entrepreneurs actually understand the concept of PR? People spend a good amount of their capital into public relations, but is it actually PR they are investing in? Bill Gates once said, “If I had one dollar left, I’d spend it on PR.” That’s how powerful a proper PR is, you get it right then nothing can go wrong.
That being said companies should also sit up and take note that a proper PR campaign does not yield results overnight. If one has the funds, has a good PR team in place and a strong campaign to moot, he also needs a good amount of patience.

What’s PR and what role does it play in the establishment of a Start-Up

A PR campaign is like nurturing a plant. It takes its time to produce results but it helps a startup generate consistent growth while also creating a strong foundation. So what is Public Relations? It’s as simple as it is hard to explain. It’s a process which companies employ to propagate and publicize their story, a process to amplify the positives in their establishment by reaching out to a maximum number of people as possible. What PR really does is to create goodwill for the brand amongst end users. A strong goodwill is good for business growth and the health of an organization which eventually helps in creating a strong reputation, and that is the actual purpose of public relations.
A good PR campaign not only leads to growth but also creates good credibility, reputation, and trust. The aforesaid in turn establishes the brand. A good PR is not just to appease external customers but also a good means to impress and boost the morale of internal customers as well. Internal reputation is as important as external reputation. Another aspect of a good PR is corporate social responsibility. A level of community involvement is not only good publicity but also a means to earn brownie points which can be redeemed if and when things go wrong.
Bottom-line is a good PR leads to sales growth, increased employee morale, brand establishment, community social development and eventually turning the startup into a forerunner of sorts when it comes to corporate culture. This will eventually lead to the company attracting good talent, and subsequent retention of such talents.
But according to me the foremost importance of having a good PR team in place is when it comes to a crisis situation. Every company goes through periodic ups and downs and startups are no exception. At such times what you need is a strong PR team conversant with handling such situations and bringing about a solution without causing damage to the brand or affecting the consistency of business.
So what are you waiting for? No time is the right time, just start now. Get a PR team in place, put together a campaign and watch how your company goes places, today, tomorrow and into the ever conceivable future.



I often wonder as to who reviews the worthiness of a website. What are the parameters people use to gauge a website’s usability, more importantly, what are the parameters that one needs to keep in mind to ensure that his/her website appears at the top of Google search or any other search engine for that matter? Most website owners don’t really understand the quality of their website. A good website is like a car, if it isn’t road worthy then it’s useless no matter what brand or how much you push it with marketing campaigns.

On the technical side primary objective is to ensure there are no coding errors. Your in-house computer expert will be able to identify the problems if any. Please do note that most HTML errors are not exactly visible to the viewer. So, unless you know what you are looking for you won’t find it in plain sight. So why bother? Apart from demonstrating a healthy website, having a page free of errors makes for a more stable website that is easier to maintain and easier to upgrade.

Once the errors are fixed we move onto to ascertain the speed of browsing through your website. Google has a page speed tool for this very purpose. It’s pretty basic to use. The standard speed for a healthy website is about 80/100. Anything less than that is a cause for concern. It can be fixed by your web designer. Errors are done, website speed is resolved and in place…what next? Well, what could be more important than keyword optimization? Once you decide on the keyword, ensure that it consistently appears in the webpage URL, browser title, and body of the page. What keyword optimization does is, it makes it easier to find your website through search engines. Your key phrase is your primary mode of communication with visitors. It is THE word that brings visitors to your webpage through the search engine.

Everything is in place now and you are ready to kick-start your website, but is it compatible with mobile phone viewing? Again Google has the ideal tool to check mobile worthiness of your website. Use mobile-friendly tool to test the user worthiness of your website on a smart-phone browser. This is significant because latest research says 30% of internet traffic is through mobile phones and it’s consistently rising. It is imperative that your website is truly mobile friendly.

Now we need to identify the website’s Domain Authority. This is to predict how your website will perform in search engine rankings. You can use Google page rank tool to identify search engine rankings. Domain authority is a score from 00 (low) to 100 (high), calculated by using a range of metrics including the number linking root domains, number of total links to your website. You can use it to compare your website against competitors and to track your marketing and SEO progress over time.

Now, you may want to get a second opinion from your web designer. Why get a second opinion? Ever worked on a project for so long that you lose site of objectives or overlook details? Just so that you don’t miss out on major or minor detailing it’s always advisable to get a second opinion.

If you have all of the above in place, I don’t see why your website shouldn’t rule the search engine rankings. Type into Google your brand name and see what comes up. You should have clearly communicated titles and descriptions about who you are and what you do. If you are a local business, you should also see a Google Map showing your location and company info.

All of the above are very important for the good health of your website and not one-bit time consuming especially since you know what to look for and where!



Someone rightly called it the surgical strike on the parallel economy, but I call it the mother of all wars on terror! While this change was brought about to combat counterfeiting and terror activities we need to take a step backward and look at the larger picture. Yes, while it will effective curb the flow and creation of black money what we also should understand is the fact that it will increase circulation of money in the market. This can only mean more demand, enhanced purchasing power in people and last but not least a certain boost to the employment segment. Yes, I said it! This will increase job opportunities and when you have all of the above together in one basket, it can only mean a stronger, long lasting and faster economic growth, GDP growth >7%.

Let’s go a little deeper to see how farsighted this huge step is! My personal favorite is riddance of a snob from the society. Tu jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai dialogues would certainly phase-out since none of these so-called spoilt brats of rich fathers will be able to lay hands on luxury cars without it leaving a trail. It has always bothered me, rather hurt me deeply to see honest taxpayers driving small and mid-segment cars while corrupt politicians and businessmen driving fancy luxurious cars paid for using their dubious unaccounted money. Deep inside I do believe that this will also pave the way for economic equality in our society, which in other words means no more favoritism. For that, thank you very much Mr. Prime Minister!

We are a nation that relies heavily on cash transactions, be it restaurants, groceries, even gold and automobiles in some cases! And almost 90% of these transactions are carried out using high-value denominations of Rs.500 & Rs.1000. So how is this move going to affect the nation in general?
This move will certainly affect the working middle class and lower sections of our society: Anybody who provides services in the informal sector and depends on monthly or bi-monthly cash payments. In the long-term, though, this is likely to drive several benefits for the economy, but what we need to bear in mind is the fact that the hitch is only temporary. India has made the first move from a cash economy to a digital economy. A Larger amount of savings and cash will find a way into the mainstream economy and be deployed for physical and financial asset creation. Use of digital currency and payment systems driven by UPI, wallets and cards will create enormous transparency. Modi has made the right investment for the next generation. This move should improve India’s position on transparency and corruption in the global league table enabling higher capital flow (FDI/FII) into India.

The most gravely impacted medium in the long run I believe is going to be the real estate industry which works predominantly on cash. In almost all the cities properties are sold on 60:40 basis which ideally means 40% black money is generated on every property sale. What does this mean to us? In simple words real prices would come down making housing very affordable. The same will apply to all aspects of consumerism. This move also shows the intent of the government to come up with game changing ideas and will represent a threat to all future operations in the black economy and hoarding of cash.

A coin has two sides and similarly so does this move of Modi’s. The issue of black money is the key to this change which renders all that unaccounted money people hold useless and any third party transaction to legalize it will fail since it will leave a trail at every turn. But I believe the government should have done away with high-value denominations all together and stuck to Rs. 100 and may be printed a Rs.200 currency note. It does take quite a bit of time for a parallel economy to rise again but would it be difficult with high-value denominations still in circulation? There has to be systems in place to ensure that these new denominations do not generate a new black economy, meaning there must be a process to track every high-value currency note or do it the Australian and Kiwi way by printing plastic currency since counterfeiting is an issue for us.

A question that remains is whether Rs 500 or Rs 1,000 denomination is high from the standpoint of black money? Probably not because with high prices a Rs 1,000 note cannot get you a month of milk while a couple of kilos of pulses and edible oil will exhaust a Rs 500 note. Hence almost all households will be stacked with such currency notes and sifting the black money holders from genuine households will be difficult. Further, all households, especially inhabited by senior citizens store at least Rs 3-5 Lakhs, as an emergency operation for this class requires cash to be paid upfront at hospitals. How will the income tax officials decide the genuine senior citizens from the hoarders? The experience has been that the IT department invariably sends notices to all assesses with a certain amount dealt as a thumb rule which will lead to harassment. Curiously, the money deposited will have to be withdrawn repeatedly by the senior citizen given the restrictions put by the government as they need to have this buffer at home. This aspect does not seem to have been thought through. Only time will tell if we have a winner on hand or now!

internal communications feedback


Stakeholder alignment is a critical factor in business success and employees are the largest stakeholders in any company. Employee formation and alignment impact the speed and direction of the organization’s business. If all the horses are seeing and knowing what their charioteer is seeing and thinking, there is more cohesion and velocity in the ride. But when the horses are running after their own thinking, the steering becomes much more challenging and the directions become chaotic.
Almost all organizations have an internal communication strategy tied into the business vision and executive goals. But it involves a significant co-ordination of content and communications across and about the organization. And with the availability and proliferation of social channels and digital tools, the journey gets a little riskier. But if the channels and tools are intelligently controlled and coordinated, the rewards are plenty. Since Internal Communication function involves a myriad of activities, companies generally partner with external agencies to outsource or implement employee engagement initiatives effectively and frequently.

Create, Manage and Measure Internal Communications
Some of the tools and processes involve gap analysis of existing processes related to vision, values, and goals of the company to creating business templates, developing communication protocols and documenting social responsibilities of the stakeholders that enable the company to achieve desired business outcomes. The tools and technologies employed to monitor and manage the internal communication strategies are also critical factors to the efficiency and success of such programs.
During my tenure with a reputed technology multinational, I had the opportunity to create and manage internal communication strategies for their new subsidiary in India. Our goals were to develop familiarity with the stakeholders and encourage interactivity across all levels to drive employee engagement. Top down and bottom communication channels were set up. A Company Newsletter was created. Employees expressed their creativity freely. The Management leveraged it as an effective communication platform and also served as a dashboard for encouraging new initiatives. An Open Door policy enabled employees to shed their inhibitions and share their concerns and aspirations with the relevant stakeholders more often. Many employees were pleasantly surprised to know that the person they were sharing the elevator with daily, was their CEO. Gradually the culture of openness spread across the organization and employees aligned themselves with the company, motivated to contribute their potential to the fullest. Several comprehensive initiatives were implemented to measure and sustain the success and effectiveness of the internal communication campaigns. Internal Communications in today’s social-driven enterprise is now a strategic component of the business executive.
Creative Bharat helps you meet the right people and network with the relevant talent to create, manage and measure internal communication strategies that drive desired business outcomes.



I studied Pharmacy in college, but my interest in marketing and desire for business management shaped my career decisions and life destinations. From working part-time on a Hollywood movie project as production manager to following my passion for music and joining DNA networks, I was lucky to work on projects like concerts with Brian Adams, Michael Learns to Rock, and Richard Clayderman. The advertising world beckoned me with roles that were a combination of Marketing (Sales Enablement) and Corporate Communication, and honing skills of rare combinations. A stint in large IT companies gave me opportunities to anchor large industry events and host close to 150 CIOs from organizations worldwide, including the unforgettable and dynamic Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu and the second self-funded space tourist and the first-ever South African in space. A management position at Sapient Corporation got me working with global teams, international clients, and experience a likable open door culture, where the CEO is accessible to anyone who wishes to reach out.

A notable turning point happened when I was at Satyam and part of the team handling the crisis the company was going through -a shock that nearly knocked the company off its feet. Our efforts at maintaining brand relevance and a business value were instrumental in preventing the company from dying an untimely death and to get back on its feet. Our campaigns to keep the employees motivated and media engaged worked out successfully. This challenging experience tested our vision and confidence and increased our outreach to the media and overall business community.

The heavy leanings from the past was a pointer to a newer future and it came in the form of Amdocs. I was hired to set up the regional corporate communication function and to drive their branding initiatives.Key responsibilities included nurturing the brand through the company’s baby steps into India to their firm footing in quick successive years. An eventful span of activities throughout APAC, engaging through customer workshops and industry forums, established the brand as a thought leader in its areas of business -an endeavor that won me awards and accolades and even a fascinating experience of flying in a private jet.How I like to add value to startups and growing companies

The elements of business success are dynamic, but very visible in the set of values, visions and tools, everyone can aspire to imbibe. I am glad to nurture small and medium companies and to get them started and thrive in international business environments. Whether it is corporate governance, HR policies, market strategy, sales enablement, intellectual property rights, engaging the venture capital community, anything that starts from an idea to becoming a corporation, I hope to be a support in their journeys to success.