One of the most difficult task in startups has always been to take adominant product and repeat until it begins to find traction. Twitter, Pinterest, and hundreds of other successful startups had rough beginnings. The founders built success through trial and error. You’ve built something, but users aren’t signing up in multitudes. Whether you’re a […]

Event management is a service orientated field of work where you will be dealing with people from all walks of society in large congregations. It means dealing with human behavior and peculiarities which will require tactful and diplomatic skills. Apart from dealing with people characteristics it also means the overall performance of handling an event […]

Compliance gets a bad reputation because it is immediately associated with laws, constraints, inspections, audits and penalties for those who don’t follow the rules.Most organizations understand the importance of regulatory compliance in preventing unethical conduct and violations of the law. It’s the necessary evil that is compulsory, but it also pulls up valuable time, effort and resources […]

With a good marketing plan, you’ll have an action plan that you can implement knowing that it is aligned with your business goals. You’ll have done the work of identifying your target market, refining your message, and deciding what are the appropriate social networks for your business. You’ll have set clear goals and identified the objectives, […]

It’s no secret, in today’s widely uneven and competitive market, several brands around the world are looking for the most creative ways of passing on their message and telling their story. Whether it’s through sharing compelling images to social media or writing blogs to soften their brand, many businesses operating in various industries are seeking […]

Finding the right set of talent for your needs is a time taking and sometimes expensive process. With Creative Bharat’s help, you can cut short on both these things as we take care of your talent needs through our pool of specialized individuals. We also help you set up the right kind of processes and […]