Businesses have realized the need to use website and mobile apps to attract customers.   Today mobile application has its effects on society globally. This is because the mobile application has upgraded to keep updated everything. The benefit of the mobile version of a website is to provide an optimized view. Business persons need to use […]

Today the digital world is growing and the best strategy to meet your customers online and communicate. Marketing is all about connecting with people. It includes digital strategies that influence client. Business websites, microsites, landing pages, mobile apps are all communication tools in a growing digital world. Business websites are used for advertising and marketing. […]

Landing Page drives a visitor to land on a web page. It gives you the leads. They are your campaign carriers. Not only that, they tell you who has read your message and what links they clicked. You can also figure out whether they liked a particular layout or not and instantly tweak the look […]

Today, more users use the internet to search the products or services they want. Sites are most commonly used to provide multiple sources of the same information and reliable access to large downloads. The website is a set of related web pages. But without properly defined structures and well-oiled navigation, they can collapse in no time. The […]

Mobile phones are common today. They are not only used as means of communication but since the advent of Smartphone’s, one can also perform a web search, video streaming, image sharing and status updates on the Social Media. The growth of social networks has led to easily fetching of customer tastes and preferences. Users today […]

This is the age of the Internet. Gone are the days of phone-books and notepads and pocket diaries. Gone are the days of black and white and gone are the days of snail mail. Everything has changed in the last two decades or so with the advent of the Internet. One thing though hasn’t changed […]

Communication plays a major role in our everyday lives. It can make or break businesses, relationships and just about anything that involves two or more human beings. So how do we know what is good communication and what is bad? Communication is the primary basis of any relationship and it ensures the smooth functioning of […]

I often wonder as to who reviews the worthiness of a website. What are the parameters people use to gauge a website’s usability, more importantly, what are the parameters that one needs to keep in mind to ensure that his/her website appears at the top of Google search or any other search engine for that […]

Someone rightly called it the surgical strike on the parallel economy, but I call it the mother of all wars on terror! While this change was brought about to combat counterfeiting and terror activities we need to take a step backward and look at the larger picture. Yes, while it will effective curb the flow […]

Stakeholder alignment is a critical factor in business success and employees are the largest stakeholders in any company. Employee formation and alignment impact the speed and direction of the organization’s business. If all the horses are seeing and knowing what their charioteer is seeing and thinking, there is more cohesion and velocity in the ride. […]